Honestly Abe, It’s the smartest thing she said all year…

Teacher: (Ambitious, childless and disgustingly overeager 40+ year old 1st year teacher with excessive fake excitment, randomly talking to my SCIENCE class)- “HEYYYY you guys should all remember to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Abe Lincoln today!”

Student: (Weirdly overweight depressed and angry Bronx kid wearing the same shirt since Monday) “No…he’s Fucking dead”

Me: (laughing out loud and thinking it was a good point)

It’s that feeling I get when I make a difference in their lives…

2/11/14 – High School Science wing between first and second period.  

Me: (kindly greeting a former student passed summer school due to the hours of individual attention I gave him in addition to the gift of a grade that allowed him in to 10th grade.)- “Hey! oohh gym first period I see. That is the worst, now your gonna feel all gross and sticky all day.”

Bronx Kid (Responding to a teacher that gave him money out of his own pocket for food when he needed it, in addition to all the time and effort)- “Shut the fuck up”.  As he walks by like he never even met me in his life.